Monthly Archives: May 2007

Getting organized with a new domain name

I decided to move my blog from the old address ( to one that is named after me, Drew C King, in order to get a bit more organized. I’ve been using “cholmon” as a pseudonym across the internet for many years, but it’s not exactly the easiest name for folks to remember, or to spell correctly. My goals in doing this are not only to have a domain name that is easier to spell, but also to stake a more real-life claim over the content I’m posting, and to make that content more SEO friendly so that interested people can find it as quickly as possible.

I’m also getting much more interested in search engine optimization in general. Coming from a background based primarily in development and system administration, this area is pretty new to me. While it seems to be mostly common sense, there are a plethora of subtleties – hence the O in SEO – whose importance would be pretty difficult to gauge without the help of SEO folks like Matt Cutts over at Google.

So in addition to using this blog as a means of getting my PHP-related ideas and experiences down on virtual paper, I’m also going to use it as a way of trying out some optimization techniques to see first hand what works and what doesn’t.