Monthly Archives: June 2007

Camber – a minimalist LAMP framework

Over the past few months I’ve been adding code to this previously unnamed LAMP framework, but I’ve honestly been reluctant to call it a framework. That’s what it is though, so instead of constantly referring to it as “my little minimalist pseudo-framework”, I decided to give the thing a name. I’ve been mulling it over for several months now, and finally settled on Camber as the name. I wanted to be sure that it was easy enough to remember, but also meaningful to the overall goal of the project. According to Google:

Camber: The curvature of a structural member for the purpose of offsetting the deflection when loads are applied.

Camber is not a complex idea, nor is it difficult to implement where it’s needed. It’s used in many everyday load-bearing applications; the wheels of a car, the shape of skis and snowboards, the bottom of a bridge, the shape of a wing. The performance of each of these is greatly enhanced – if not utterly dependent – on something as simple as the underlying negative curvature.

Sounds like a pretty good description of a web application framework, eh?

Unfortunately, I’ve been really slack about keeping this here blog up to date with the actual code I’ve been writing. I have a tendency to drone on and on about each concept of the system, so I think I need to take smaller bites. One post per day maybe, with no more than 2 or 3 snippets of code.