Monthly Archives: March 2008

Object-oriented controllers bug me

I thought I might take a little step back here from my previous entry regarding my simplistic, not-all-that-original MVC using auto_prepend_file. I realized that I didn’t really explain why I occasionally get in that “there’s-got-to-be-a-simpler-way” frame of mind.

As I was building Camber, I made it a point to stick with an object-oriented design as closely as possible. The bootstrap script (i.e., index.php) simply sets up the basic environment, creates the main objects that are needed for the application, and starts things flowing. To re-cap, the whole life-cycle for a request in a Camber application is:
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Poor man’s MVC: PHP, auto_prepend_file, and mod_rewrite

I often get the impression that there’s too much unnecessary complexity in the approaches to MVC that are currently in use in PHP, primarily with regard to request handlers and controllers. I’m even guilty of it myself with my ironic attempt at object-oriented simplicity, Camber. So when the mood strikes me, I’ll poke around in forums and articles and look for novel approaches to these problems.

A few years ago, Harry Fuecks posted an entry on his wiki-in-progress regarding PHP and the Front Controller design pattern. I’ve stumbled across this entry a few times before, but I always left it for dead, thinking it was just too simplistic. But recently I decided to try picking up where he left off at the end of his entry to see for myself how far the technique could be taken.
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