Comb: auto_prepend_file, output buffering, and mod_rewrite

I’ve decided to give a name to this barebones framework that I’ve been playing with for the past couple of months. I’m calling it Comb. Unfortunately it takes a long time to fully explain the thinking behind the name. Similar to Camber, however, the jist of it is simplicity; think “get the tangles out of my code”. Plus comb is a lot faster to say and type than MVCish-framework-based-on-autoprependfile-and-output-buffering.

My plan is to build the simplest web app framework that I can. I’m by no means an expert, and I don’t anticipate that this will end up being the best/fastest/most-convenient framework that will lay waste to the Zend Framework, or Symfony, or Kohana (or the mystical Redline! no link, it’s too mystical!). I just want to start from the ground-up by making very few assumptions, and without ripping “inspiration” from the latest and greatest RAD framework. I want to end up with a simple base of code that I don’t have to learn how to love, and that can evolve with me without getting in the way. Basically this is all about me, but you can feel free to use it as well if it makes enough sense.

I’ve got a few projects in mind that I’m planning on being powered by Comb. The first is my Code Examples site, which will serve two purposes: it’ll be a place to host demos of basic code for the blog entries I write, and it’ll be a testbed for integrating new features into the framework. And yes, the code that runs the examples site is Comb itself. The other projects will be revealed in time.